Application Instructions

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Installation Notes:

1 The floor need conditioning time to adapt to environment temperature before installing;

2 Choose the best installing temperature;

3 Installation needs to be separated when the length is 10m~12m and width is around 8m;

4 Keep the groundsmooth and clean;

5 Leave 10mm spacefor 4 sides of the walls;

6 Use the correct install way and ensure the planks perfect;

• Sweep regularly to remove surface grit and dust. Use a damp cloth or mop to clean up any dirt and footprints. All spills should be cleaned up immediately.
• Never use polish, abrasive cleaners, or scouring agents as they might dull or distort the finish. High heels can damage floors.
• Use protective pads under furniture. Do not use rubber or metal pads. Felt pads are highly recommended.
• Use doormats as entrance ways to protect the floor. Avoid using rubber backed rugs as they may stain the flooring.
• It’s a good idea to save a couple of boxes of flooring in case of accidental damage. Planks can be repaired or replaced.
• If other trades are in the work area, a floor protector is highly recommended to help protect the finish of the floor.