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2015 Huizhou Wei Kang New Building Materials Co. reception dinner was held in Shanghai

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March 25, 2015 in the evening, Huizhou Wei Kang New Building Materials Co. in Shanghai Pudong District, Vienna Hotel Lake restaurant successfully hosted the dinner reception. The dinner guest of the company's Rococo Eco-resistant floor and two floors Stone Sculpture Polaroid brand dealers and agents and works with customers, but also some special invited guests to visit the company's international market customers site.

The company by domestic and foreign customers to participate in the 17th China International Floor Materials and Pavement Technology Expo convenience, the solicitation of domestic customers and some foreign customers, first thank all customers in the past year to our support and concern, di is to promote interactive communication with the company's customers and between customers, the combination of a strong positive Endeavour's brand marketing team.

To allow all customers to participate in the reception dinner guest and Kerry were Respironics company representatives feel the atmosphere of joyous passion dinner again, but also to let more people understand and Rococo Polaroid resistant floor, more understanding and attention to our cause, we record the dinner part of the wonderful moments, and now share with you.

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